Participation eligibility

In order for a school to register and participate in the East African or Middle School Model United Nations program, the school administrator (head teacher, director, superintendent) is required to sign the participation regulations form indicating the understanding and agreement to the stipulations.



Any given MUN school can officially register a maximum of 3 adult advisors or at least one adult advisor for every 15 students (or part thereof). This means that schools are eligible to officially register 3 adult advisors. Additional advisor(s) will attract a fee. The advisor(s) should be the teacher(s) who are assisting the MUN students in their preparation process to represent their assigned countries at the MUN conference.

No countries will be assigned to a school until participation regulations form has been signed and returned to the MUN administration along with the required registration fee paid in full.

School Contact

One officially registered advisor (primary advisor) is to be designated as the official contact person for the MUN administration. All correspondence will be sent through the primary advisor designated as the contact person for the school. Schools should designate at least one officially registered advisor to be present at all official MUN functions to supervise its students.


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