Chetanya Arvind Saxena

Co-chairperson Of General Assembly 2



Have you ever wondered what would happen if all 7 billion of us jumped at the same time? We would most definitely shake the earth. Unity is power and to me, unity is very important. In today’s world of a fast moving, and chaotic life, money is the epitome of success. However, where one enjoys a drink in their personal jet, another struggles to find that drink. This inequality is unsettling. It’s simply not fair and so just like that, I walked into the United Nations compound five years ago as a delegate with a vision to sit on the fancy chairs at the dais, with so much ambition to change the world and solve all its problems. I always wanted to be part of something bigger, and to give more back to the society. As I walked past the flag poles, looking at all the colors of the flags, I felt a sense of pride and responsibility in me. I knew in an instant that this world and all its problems are heading towards my generation and we would have to solve them. The United Nations has always constantly taught me that for every problem there’s more than fifty solutions IF there are more than fifty people in the room. Every person counts. I achieved this position by sheer hard work and determination but the most important thing was I kept smiling day in day out. Our world is slowly speeding up and sometimes we forget to simply smile. Spreading positivity and giving everyone a chance to voice their opinions and showcase their dreams for the world is what I intend to encourage in the MUN together with my team. A smile can change the world and do no one any harm. If you can see it in your head, you can make it happen with all your willpower, hard work and a positive lifestyle. Let us all seize this opportunity to contribute to change in our surrounding to make it a better place for our future generations TOGETHER.


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