Ideja Efendija

Secretary General

Braeburn Garden Estate


As the Secretary-General for the 38th Annual East Africa Model United Nations (EAMUN) conference, I welcome you to a program I have no doubt will leave you a more confident, brave and knowledgeable version of yourself. Speaking from personal experience, this program has truly changed my life for the better. The person I was when I first walked through those flagpoles is not the same person I will be leaving as now after seven years of participation. EAMUN hosts about 1,200 from 73 different schools and 6 different countries.  As a delegate, you will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures from fun, diverse and intelligent individuals who will motivate and challenge you to become a better speaker and debater. It presents a forum that allows you to discuss current and developing world issues stretching from human rights to environmental degradation, and politics with other aspiring, bright leaders. Furthermore, it allows you to make friends who stay with you beyond the walls of the UN. EAMUN puts you into situations which yield self-growth and personal development. Acquiring the courage to meet and talk to new people and going to the podium to take a stand on topics you are passionate about are things fostered in the program. I say this with the utmost assurance and belief as I, myself, have experienced this self-growth and have come out more confident, outspoken and articulate through my participation. Therefore, I encourage you to join to have not only an wonderful and exciting week but to come out a more enriched version of yourself.


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