Elisabeth Kuguru

Co-chairperson Of General Assembly 2

EAMUN has a deep rooted influence on my life, even though I have not been officially a part of EAMUN for as long as many other executive members. I started off my EAMUN journey as I watched my older brother become a delegate and grow not only into an effective speaker but also bloom into a confident and solution oriented leader. At first his energy was my sole motivation in excelling in EAMUN, but as I continually grew more submerged in the competitive yet progressive atmosphere my brother’s motivation soon became my own. I started enjoying EAMUN not because I was told to, but because I saw its true value as an excellent program that strives to bring countries together to collectively find practical, realistic solutions to the world’s most urgent and complex challenges. Becoming a Junior Chair only deepened my love for EAMUN including its rigorous and fulfilling schedule. It has opened doors to new opportunities that I never would been able to achieve, had I not joined EAMUN and I am confident that Model United Nations will keep shaping me not just as a person, but also into an innovative leader