Ankit Hitesh Mehta

Deputy Secretary General



From the Stone Age to the Information age, we have all developed as a society. Industrialization sparked growth in technology whereas primitive beings evolved to intelligent homo-sapiens that set up political, economical and social platforms across the globe to enforce stability amongst different tribes, races, and religions. However, in the recent years, we have adopted ways of complacency and ignorance. Upcoming medical threats, environmental instability, Gender Inequality, political uncertainty, immoral use of the social media platforms; just to name a few are on the up rise. We have stopped growing collectively - as a world instead we are too busy focusing on our private benefits rather than looking at the combined growth of the society. We have opted to become selfish rather than being selfless. The EAMUN program aims at bringing about a positive difference in this world. It aims at educating the youth about existing problems and inspiring them to be the voice of change; the ambassadors of a cleaner, sustainable, and a socially efficient world. The MUN program advocates about serving people, not imposing ideas on them. It’s about acting not being complacent and most importantly it’s about the community not an individual. The world is an oasis of unique, talented individuals whose joint efforts can bring about change in every unstable platform of this world and where equal rights can make the foundation of an improved society. As I ventured into the UN compound I witnessed several young, ambitious individuals whose collective goal was to leave the world in a better place than they had found it to be. They all shared ideas, spoke their minds and actively debated resolutions to come up with the most economical solution to any given problem. But the truth is that none of these discussions even matter if we do not campaign for positive change out there – in the real world. So my challenge to all of you today is to get out there. Do something that will make a difference in someone else’s life. The future of this world lies in our hands. We have the ability to change our tomorrow. You could start small: Plant a handful of trees in your backyard, spend the weekend at the elder’s home, write an article about equal rights or invent something that shall assist people in their daily lives. It’s time we stop leaving things on destiny or the government or on other individuals. You do not need a position to drive change. All you need is unprecedented surge of motivation and enthusiasm. So let’s get out there and make the world great again!!


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