Ankit Mehta

Co-chairperson Of General Assembly 2

BOOM, an explosion has taken the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians, Global warming has caused the melting of polar ice caps that has not only increased sea levels but is the cause of extinction of various endangered animals, Young girls in Asia are denied their rights to education and Malaria has caused 65% of the deaths in Africa. Our world is venturing into a phase that can exterminate our lives or strengthen and unify us to solve the problems we have created. A young, boy stepped out of his home, with a dream. A dream where every individual got the chance to be heard, question mindsets and overturn unjustified decisions made for self gain. A dream where he could guide the society on a road that signifies the importance of promoting equal rights to people irrespective of their Religion, Race, Color, Gender and Age. That was me 6 years ago. As I stepped into the UN premises I felt a bundle of joy and excitement. The flags of hundreds of countries danced in the breeze and the conference room welcomed young people who each had a goal to leave the world in a better state then they had found it. My journey through MUN has changed my life for the better by instilling in me ... Read More