Makenzie Hanson

Secretary General

Rosslyn Academy


Five years ago I walked through the flagpoles at the United Nations for the first time; I was entering MSMUN as an idealistic, eager delegate. I left through those flagpoles a week later still idealistic and eager but also different. I’d discovered a passion within myself, that I hadn’t known had existed, a passion to use my voice for positive change. As the years have passed I’ve walked through those flagpoles as a Head Securitary, a Junior Chair, a Co-Chairperson of the Second General Assembly, and now I look forward to walking through them as the Secretary-General. At every conference I’ve had my voice heard, time and time again, and I’ve listened to others do the same. EAMUN will hold a very special place in my life not because of the friends I’ve made, the positions I’ve held, or the accomplishments I’ve had in it. It will forever impact me because it taught me that the world I want, I must make. I must fearlessly use my voice to empower myself and others for a better future. EAMUN has given me the opportunity to speak and to be heard, and I know that it can do that for anyone who attends the conference. Everytime I walk through the flagpoles at the UN I know that I’m not going in to sit back and be passive, instead I’m going in to use my voice to make a better future. EAMUN has taught me that my voice is powerful and should be heard, and if you work hard and put everything into the conference, I have no doubt that EAMUN will do the same for you.


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