Caeli Kean

Co-chairperson Of General Assembly 1

I first joined East African Model United Nations in 2013 as a nervous, thirteen year old Securitary. In 2015, I was a Junior Chairperson and this previous year, 2016, I was a Senior Chairperson. MUN has built me up in countless ways, strengthening my confidence in public atmospheres, widening my perspective on international relations, and refining my character. As mere students, it becomes a tendency to believe that we have no power to influence the world that we live in. We must accept the destruction around us. We must rely on governments, those in power, those with a voice. We tend to welcome the yolk of burdensome traditions, thinking that we have no power to break them. But that is not so. It is not the ability but rather the responsibility of our generation to question mindsets, reform oppressive systems, mend wounds, and reconcile mistakes. Model United Nations is our platform to accomplish that responsibility. Though the resolutions we debate are not implemented nor always refined, there are so many other aspects of MUN that do spark change and influence the future. We learn to communicate with other people from diverse backgrounds; reach agreements; and work alongside strangers until they become like family. We learn how to be leaders now and how to effectively tackle problems we will face in the future. We learn to achieve our goals and strive toward our visions. An intrinsic lesson I have learned is that it is impossible to resolve conflict unless people, as leaders and as followers, lay themselves down for the benefit of others. Those who have a voice must use it. Those who have the ability to act must act. We must not be so firmly set in our traditions; we must be willing to question, to reform. I anticipate that this year at MUN, people will be encouraged, strengthened, and equipped for every good work that they will later pursue. I anticipate failures and triumphs, disappointments and delights, and, in the end, I anticipate that we will grow stronger as a unified group of people that will speak out against oppression.