Will Mendonsa

Deputy Secretary General

I entered into EAMUN with three years to participate in the programme. Declining the opportunity to apply for Junior Chair during my first year, I settled to be a delegate in the Human Rights committee. A scared, nervous, and ignorant delegate, I participated minimally in debate and did not fail to embarrass myself several times. When the time for closing ceremonies arrived, the only reason I felt sad to see conference come to an end was the prospect of resuming my studies in school. However, as the events of the closing ceremony ensued, I began to regret not making the most of the opportunities I had been presented with before and during conference. My heart dropped as the conference reached its conclusion. Why had I been so lazy and afraid to be more involved in the programme? I was devastated. As my feet carried me through the gates of the UN one last time that year, I swore to myself that the next time I entered those gates, I would have succeeded in becoming a Junior Chairperson and have a chance to accomplish my ultimate goal: join the Executive Committee. There were so many mountains to climb in order to achieve this goal—training, tests, interviews—but I had only one chance to succeed in what seemed like an impossible quest. When the time for Junior Chair training came around, I studied relentlessly, driven by an unquenchable determination to succeed. It paid off, and when the 34th annual EAMUN conference arrived, I was interviewed for the Executive Committee. To make a long story short, my dream of joining the Executive Committee became a reality. Hearing my name called at closing ceremonies was such a surreal moment, and the position of Deputy Secretary General was beyond anything I had ever anticipated. In addition, it was more than I ever could have asked for to have Christian Park, an old friend, as my partner in crime. You see, no matter what your badge reads, whether “delegate” or “chairperson”, history and convention should never define the upper limit for what you believe you can accomplish. Nothing should restrict your ingenuity and determination, and when you decide to pursue a goal, you should work towards that goal with a ruthless drive. So whatever it is that stimulates you— whether the podium or the chairing dais—make the most of every interaction and opportunity you have in EAMUN.

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