Will Mendonsa

Deputy Secretary General

I entered into EAMUN with three years to participate in the programme. Declining the opportunity to apply for Junior Chair during my first year, I settled to be a delegate in the Human Rights committee. A scared, nervous, and ignorant delegate, I participated minimally in debate and did not fail to embarrass myself several times. When the time for closing ceremonies arrived, the only reason I felt sad to see conference come to an end was the prospect of resuming my studies in school. However, as the events of the closing ceremony ensued, I began to regret not making the most of the opportunities I had been presented with before and during conference. My heart dropped as the conference reached its conclusion. Why had I been so lazy and afraid to be more involved in the programme? I was devastated. As my feet carried me through the gates of the UN one last time that year, I swore to myself that the next time I entered those gates, I would have succeeded in becoming a Junior Chairperson and have a chance to accomplish my ultimate goal: join the Executive Committee. There were so many mountains to climb in order to achieve this goal—training, tests, interviews—but I had only one ... Read More

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