Christian Park

Secretary General

I remember the exact words that came out of my EAMUN advisors mouth: “You should try out to become a securitary.” At the time, I merely took on this challenge as a meaningless extracurricular activity that would give me a space to escape from my schoolwork. I finished securitary training with feelings of both regret and disappointment. However, when I was notified that I had made it, I had a gut feeling that this program was way more than just a meaningless extracurricular activity. After a fulfilling year as a securitary, I invested myself in this program without looking back. I went on to become a Junior Chair, a Co-chairperson of the Second General Assembly, and now the Secretary-General. I couldn’t be happier to be alongside Will Mendonsa, the Deputy Secretary-General who is my partner in crime. As I look back over the years I’ve spent dedicated to this program, I’ve come to realize that EAMUN, for me, has been a platform of growth, change, and self-identification. EAMUN has provided countless opportunities for me to mature as a leader of tomorrow along with the brilliant individuals along my side. EAMUN has put me in uncomfortable situations in which individual ... Read More