Delegate Preparation

The most crucial role of the advisor is to ensure that their delegates are adequately prepared for the MUN conference beforehand. Delegates must be familiar with their country's policies and the role that their committee plays in society's wellbeing. Moreover, they should have a comprehensive understanding of the United Nations and its procedure. If this is accomplished, the delegates will attain a richer and more extensive understanding of the world and how it works at the EAMUN conference.


The more delegates know about their assigned nation's policies, the more readily they will be able to assume the role of delegates. The success of the whole conference relies on delegates' accurate and wholesome representation of their country. Essentially, students must be cognizant of their country's position in various matters that concern their committee.

Necessary Skills

To some extent, students should be familiar with public speaking. This can be developed within the school setting through exercises and debates. A good delegate is not concerned with being the most vocal or visible but rather is concerned with trying to convince other delegations about the feasibility and soundness of their solution.

Additional preperation

To ensure that each delegation member is adequately prepared for the conference, download a copy of your required delegate's preparation package.

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