East African Model United Nations Administration

The East African Model United Nations is administered by various individuals serving in different capacities. The basic responsibilities are outlined below. Detailed information is provided on the Advisors Booklet available on the downloads page.


The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee organizes and runs the MUN program. It consists of ten members; the EAMUN Coordinator, the MSMUN Coordinator,two MUN Assistant Coordinators, the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General and the Chairs of General Assembly. Adults hold the Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator positions and students hold the six remaining positions.

The Executive Committee

MUN Coordinator

The MUN Coordinator is the primary person overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the program. She/he makes all the final decisions regarding all aspects of the program.

The Assistant Coordinators assist the Coordinator in making the program run smoothly.

Senior Chairs

Appointed in September, the senior chairs aid the Executive Committee in some of their duties. Their main responsibility however is to manage the committee rooms during conference as well as assist in training junior chairs and securitaries.

Executive Assistant

This position is held by one student whose responsibility would be to aid the Executive Committee and the Senior Chairs in their duties. This person shall aid in fundraising, event coordination and general logistical planning. He/she will have the power to clip badges.

Junior Chairs

Junior chairs act as both delegates and assistants to the Senior Chairs. Each Junior Chair is allotted a time to manage a committee room alongside a senior chair. At all other times, they will act as normal delegates.

Each school may only send a maximum of 4 applicants to the 10 week training program which takes place from September to November.

Press Corps

The Press Corps is responsible for producing daily newsletters at the conference. It handles all publication material, creates the computer graphic design layouts for the paper and distributes the paper to the participants.


The securitaries help monitor the behaviour of delegates. It is responsible for assisting the chairs in the course of debate and should have sound knowledge of parliamentary procedure and the conference proceedings so that they may aid delegates and advisors.

Application for the securitary position must be through the applicants school. Each school may only send a maximum of 4 applicants to the 8 week training program which takes place from September to November.

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