Economic (EAMUN)

This committee deals with global financial issues as well as issues of development. (EG: Eurozone crisis).

Political (EAMUN)

This committee deals with issues that require political cooperation or seek to resolve political conflict. (EG: Instability in a country).

Human Rights (EAMUN & MSMUN)

This committee deals with international human rights concerns. (EG: Human Trafficking).

Ecology And Environment (EAMUN & MSMUN)

This deals with all issues concerning the environment and ecosystems all over the world (EG: Deforestation).

Security Council (EAMUN & MSMUN)

This deals with important matters and concerns of international security. (EG: Terrorism).

Special Summit

The Special Summit will focus on specific controversial topics around which debates will be focused. Delegates designated as Special Summit delegates will need to research the topic issues beforehand and will prepare a country policy statement on each issue prior to the onset of the conference.

Global Agenda

This committee is different to others in EAMUN in that it introduces clause-based debate rather than resolution-based debate. It is a good experience for all those looking for something new.

International Court Of Justice

This committee debates real life ICJ cases and delegates who represent the specific nations in the chosen cases will debate against each other.

Technology (MSMUN)

This deals with technological issues around the world (EG: E-waste).

Health (MSMUN)

This deals with issues in healthcare or wellbeing of people. (EG: Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Executive Committee


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