Conference Objectives

The Model United Nation (MUN) simulates the activities of the real United Nations Organization and aims to build up the confidence and enhance the debating skills of all the participants.


At the Annual Conference, delegates are divided into various committees which each deal with specific issues that the real UN would have to deal with. The committees in EAMUN are listed below. The MSMUN committees may differ from the EAMUN committees.

EAMUN Committees

The EAMUN committees are The Human Rights Committee, The Political Committee, The Ecology and Environment Committee, The Economic Committee, Global Agenda Committee, The Security Council.


MSMUN Committees

The MSMUN committees are The Human Rights Committee, The Ecology and Environment Committee, The Technology Committee, The Health Committee.



Any country participating may write resolutions for any of these committees. A resolution is a document that explains a problem of the delegate’s choice e.g. child trafficking, and offers possible solutions to the problem.

The delegate will have to read out their resolution and defend it at the meeting of the committees during the annual conference. Delegates will then vote on the resolution and if it passes, it will be re-debated in the General Assembly (GA). The General Assembly, or GA, is a meeting of two or more merged committees. On the last two days of the conference, the committees will be combined to debate the resolutions that were passed in the committee stages.


All delegates are required to behave in a diplomatic manner and to follow parliamentary procedure that is explained on the advisors booklet. All terms used during the conference are also explained in this booklet.

Expulsion and Suspension

Any student found to have committed a serious infraction of the behaviour expected by participants may be suspended or expelled from the program at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The expulsion or suspension of any student(s) will most often involve a discussion of the circumstances by the Executive Committee members. The advisors booklet contains all the expulsion and suspension regulations.

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