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East Africa Model United Nations (EAMUN) was started in 1982. It is one of the only MUNs to hold its conference in official United Nations territory and allows students who attend to further immerse themselves into the world of the United Nations.

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The EAMUN is coordinated and administered by various individuals serving in different capacities. The EAMUN Administration page briefly describes the positions and basic responsibilities of the EAMUN organization and administration.

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MUN simulates the activities of the real United Nations Organization and aims to build up the confidence and enhance the debate skills of all the participants. At the Annual Conference, delegates are divided into various committees which each deal with specific issues that the real UN would have to deal with.

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Participation Regulations

In order for a school to register and participate in the East African or Middle School Model United Nations (EA/MSMUN) program the participation regulations must be read and agreed to. The school administrator (head teacher, director, superintendent) is required to sign the participation regulations form indicating the understanding and agreement to the stipulations.

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Delegate Preparation

Probably the most important role of the advisor and the delegate is to ensure that all students are adequately prepared for the MUN conference.The more students know about their assigned nation’s policies, the more readily they will be able to assume the role of delegates.

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